Police and council release bespoke information leaflets for residents in areas affected by G7 Summit

Devon & Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council have prepared bespoke leaflets for residents and visitors to Cornwall providing information around the key venues being used by the G7 Summit.

The leaflets provide information about changes and diversions affecting roads, rail, aviation, maritime, local access and other services.

The information is being sent to residents and businesses in the key areas being used by the G7 Summit including St Ives, Falmouth and Newquay to help ensure the event remains safe and secure for residents, visitors, delegates’ police officers from Devon & Cornwall Police, as well as 5000 mutual aid officers from around the UK.

Residents in the areas immediately affected will receive the relevant leaflet by post.

The leaflets are also available to download form the G7 Summit website: dc.police.uk/G7.


St Ives image
St Ives image