Legal and safe protest

Devon & Cornwall Police are working closely with Government to ensure people can exercise their right to protest legally and safely without impacting upon residents and businesses.

Whilst Devon & Cornwall Police support the right to peaceful protests, we cannot facilitate activity that places protestors, the public, officers or the event at physical risk.

The public can be assured that any public order or criminal offences will be dealt with robustly and adequate call handling and custody provision is a key part of our planning for the G7 Summit.

Peaceful protest

Officers will ensure main access routes between venues remain clear and restricted access will be authorised to clearly defined and cordoned areas. Devon & Cornwall Police cannot allow sustained disruption to the wider communities of the South West.

Planning a protest

All protest groups can inform Devon & Cornwall Police of their intention to protest. The law states that protest organisers must inform the police in writing six days before a public march or procession. An indication of numbers involved, your intention and a point-of-contact should be sent to

Police have the power to limit or change the route of a march and set conditions. This is considered when there are concerns around serious public disorder, damage to property or serious disruption to community life.

Hear more about our approach from our protest commander, Superintendent Ryan Doyle.

Protest sites

In order to facilitate peaceful and lawful protest at the G7 Summit, police and local councils have been working together to identify dedicated sites across the force area for the G7 Summit, where people can go to express their views.

These sites are:

  • Truro – Boscawen Park
  • Falmouth – Church Street car park and The Hornworks. A site on the water has also been identified at Falmouth.
  • Plymouth – Central Park
  • Exeter – Flowerpots Playing Fields


We are aware that some people are making enquiries as to where they can camp in order to maintain a presence close the G7 Summit. Cornwall Council are keen to hear from groups wishing to camp, so that they can assist in finding them appropriate sites. Please contact Cornwall Council at: As ever, our thinking will be based upon making this a peaceful and safe event for all concerned.

Outcome of a protest

Assuming that a protest has the intention of causing major disruption, then we would look to clear blocked roads as soon as practicable. Protestors approaching protected persons or their vehicle convoys will not be permitted, as we would wish to avoid even the perception of a potential counter-terrorism threat to those protected persons.

For further information or to make enquiries regarding a protest contact us at