G7 Summit community newsletter

23 April 2021



Welcome to the latest issue of the Police G7 Community Newsletter. Plans and preparation for the Summit are picking up considerable pace as we grow closer to the 11 June. As we move into the operational planning phase, we are beginning to understand what the impact to our communities will look like and we hope to be able to share this with you by the middle of May.


G7 policing website goes live

Superintendent Jo Hall of Devon & Cornwall Police confirmed: “We welcome the challenge and the opportunity to lead the policing operation for the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Cornwall this summer.

“The new website is a great way for us to keep in regular contact with everyone affected by the G7 Summit and for those who are interested in how we will be policing the event.”

Information available on the website includes: a news section, community information, details for protest groups and our approach on this, how the Summit will impact residents, visitors and businesses both locally and regionally – including an FAQ section which covers many of the questions members of the public have been asking us.


Transport impact updates

Great Western Railway have confirmed that the St Ives Bay Branch Line will be closed, with a rail replacement service being provided between 7-14 June, further information can be found on their website. Traffic Management Plans are still under consideration, but we expect final details of route closures and diversions to be available by mid-May. Please sign up to Devon and Cornwall Alert to be kept up to date with the latest information.


Current updates

  • Our next Live Q&A session will be held on Facebook on 28 April.
  • We will be deploying increased numbers of specialist Protest Liaison Officers. These officers engage with protest groups to establish a meaningful dialogue, to make planned protest safe and lawful.
  • As part of our planning for the G7 summit, police officers are carrying out a number of search and safety checks in Cornwall over the next few weeks. These are nothing to be alarmed by and are in line with other events of a similar nature.


Stay updated

The best way to stay up to date with the very latest G7 news affecting the area where you live or work is to sign up to Devon and Cornwall Alert through the following link: alerts.dc.police.uk.

We have seen hundreds of new registrations since the launch of the G7 Summit – please encourage your friends and loved ones to sign up for free real-time updates by email, voicemail or text message.


See it? Hear it? Report it

Our intelligence picture is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. Our planning is intelligence-led and we use information from the community to ensure we deliver a safe, secure Summit. If you see or hear something that’s not right, that is suspicious or of concern, please report it to Devon and Cornwall Police on the contact details below, or anonymously through Crimestoppers.


Frequently Asked Questions

We will update this section to share answers to the most frequently asked questions from our engagement with the public over the past two weeks:

How will the Maritime restrictions affect watercraft users and the fishing fleet?

As part of our security planning, we are working with the Local Authority and Harbour Master to apply to extend the current St Ives harbour limits. This application is subject to a set process which is underway. We are not seeking to disrupt either fishing fleet but there may be some navigational restrictions in place and we are engaging with local businesses to minimise disruption. Any such restrictions will be communicated via a local notice to mariners in due course.

Will local airspace be affected?

Yes – due to the world leaders arriving into Cornwall by aircraft, there will be airspace restrictions around parts of West Cornwall for security reasons. Along with our other transport information, we hope to be able to share this with aircraft users by mid-May.


Stay in touch

Do you have information for us or our partner agencies? Do you have a question? Use these contact details to get in touch with Devon and Cornwall Police, or our key G7 Summit planning partners:

Devon and Cornwall Police

To report an incident or information: www.dc.police.uk

For questions relating to policing the G7 Summit: g7engagement@dc.police.uk

The new G7 Policing website: www.dc.police.uk/g7

G7 planning partners